Help With Failure of Tenants to Vacate a Unit as Per an Order to Vacate, and other concerns!

Notice of Eviction Document KRC Legal Services offers representation services for Landlord and Tenant Board (the "LTB") cases involving Failure of Tenants to Vacate a Unit as Per an Order to Vacate, and other concerns as legal issues that fall within the purview of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006S.O.  2006, Chapter 17.  Confusingly, where a dispute exists between residential landlords and former tenants, certain matters must still proceed within the LTB while certain other matters must proceed in the Small Claims Court.  Frequently, where multiple issues arise, some issues must proceed at the LTB and other issues in the Small Claims Court.  Failure to bring issues to the proper forum can result in a dismissal of proceedings and possibly with a loss of right to redo or restart proceedings in the proper fashion and within the correct forum.  Other matters, such as commercial tenancy cases are outside the jurisdiction of the LTB and may be litigated in the Small Claims Court depending on the legal issues involved and whether the matter involves less than the $35,000 per Plaintiff limit.

KRC Legal Services provides Landlord Tenant Board services for clients located in Windsor, Lakeshore, Leamington, Essex, Wallaceburg, among other places!
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